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As the nation’s #1 university for innovation, ASU is redefining skills education and knowledge acquisition for the future of work. We partner with major employers such as Starbucks, Adidas, and Mayo Clinic to design and deliver robust learning solutions. These corporate education programs address skills gaps and provide job-relevant education to learners at every career stage.

Our workforce education programs take a comprehensive approach to skills education and cover topics ranging from foundational professional skills, to leadership competencies, to advanced technical education in emerging fields. Aligning with your culture and vision, we leverage ASU innovation to catalyze your workforce.

Did you know 80% of CEOs today rank the need to teach their workforce new skills as their biggest business challenge?

Source: PWC CEO Survey, 2020.

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48% of American workers would switch to a new job if offered skills education opportunities. Partner with ASU to gain a competitive edge and position your organization to attract new talent who will continuously enhance their knowledge and skills.

Source: Gallup, 2021.

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The “half-life” for most job skills is now five years or less. ASU can help you nurture the talent within your organization through our broad portfolio of workforce education solutions designed to advance employees’ digital expertise, technical competencies, and cognitive, emotional, and adaptability skills.

Source: World Economic Forum.

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Turnover costs can range from one-half to two times an employee's annual salary. Partner with ASU to keep and grow a talented workforce by providing the skills education they need to advance within your organization.

Source: Gallup, 2019.

Skills for the dynamic world of work

ASU's portfolio of workforce learning programs helps your employees develop the skills they need to grow within your organization, keep current with industry trends, and advance their careers. Through educational programming that inspires and supports their journeys, CareerCatalyst can increase employee engagement, creativity, and productivity throughout your organization.

Access to ASU’s extensive portfolio of in-demand skills education programs: Your employees can select from over 250 on-demand learning options, from micro-courses and immersive bootcamps to premier executive education programs.
Targeted education: You can also offer your employees a thoughtfully curated list of learning solutions geared to your organization’s skills education needs, modified and co-branded to leverage the expertise of ASU.
Design and build custom learning solutions: Deliver innovative programs, including digital, in-person, and hybrid options, based on your organization’s unique skills education needs.

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We collaborate closely with organizations to create customized solutions that drive their business forward and keep their workforce engaged. Contact our team to review case studies and learn more about how we can support your goals.

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