4 ways to successfully change your career

February 16, 2021 · 2 min read · By ASU CareerCatalyst

In the U.S., young baby boomers hold, on average, 11.7 different jobs in their lifetime. So, if you’re looking to shift your career to a path that better suits your passion, you’re not alone. To kickoff your career change, here are four tips to help you succeed in changing careers.

Tap your network

You’ve heard the phrase, “It’s all about who you know.” At some point in your life, you’ve met someone trying to change their career and now it's your turn. Don’t be shy about it. Instead, be honest about why you’re ready for a career change and reach out to your network. Maybe you know someone on LinkedIn or you have a few professional connections on Facebook. It’s always a good idea to work with the connections you already have.

Be strategic about your resume

Before switching careers, make sure you take a look at your resume and see where your skills can be transferred. In order to successfully make the jump from one career to the next, you’ll want to find the common ground in the skills you currently possess and the new skills you’ll need. Take the current skills you possess and spend some time combing through your resume and see where they can be applicable to your new career. Then, get that resume out into the world!

Study your new career

Before you take any interviews or update your resume, make sure you study the career you want. Studying the industry history and current trends of the new career you’re seeking will help you shine in interviews. It shows that you’re interested in the career and you’re aware of things like industry standards and acronyms. Taking courses online is also a great way to quickly upskill yourself. Investing in a course to add to your resume could be the edge you need on your competition.

Be ready to kill your interviews

Your personality, willingness to learn quickly and transferable skills will be what sets you apart when you lack the experience that others may have. Be prepared to really sell yourself in your interviews and allow your confidence to shine through. Make sure you’re taking interviews at a time you’re most productive and awake. Be prepared to relate your current skills to your new job responsibilities and be vocal about how quickly you can learn.

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