7 skills to make you stand out at work

February 16, 2021 · 2 min read · By ASU CareerCatalyst

Wondering how to ask for a raise or get recognized on the job? Before you ask for a raise or a promotion, you’re going to need to get the attention of your boss and team. Follow these steps to gain positive attention that will set you up for praise - and even a raise - at your job.

Positive attitude

Having a positive attitude is a no-brainer. People who project positivity when their team is working with a tight deadline or someone is out sick, never go unnoticed. Positivity can spread like wildfire to other coworkers and is a skill upper management is sure to appreciate. It’s also highly indicative of a future leader! Wink wink.


Being a skillful communicator may have left the building for a minute, but it’s back and more coveted than ever before! Often appearing on the lists of hiring managers, communication is one of the most sought-after soft skills. Having excellent written communication and interpersonal skills is one way to easily stand out at work.


Not only does it feel great to be praised for solving a difficult problem, but it’s also a skill that’s highly desired in today’s workforce. Learning to be a better problem solver can open doors to leadership roles and promotions because it’s a skill that not many people possess. Great problem solvers are a rare find and upper management knows it.


Yeah, working together is pretty dang important. Having a collaborative spirit and being a team player is a great way to ensure you’re getting noticed at work. In our current digital landscape, a lot of team members lack the skills to collaborate and work together in person. Whether in person or online, being a collaborative member of your team is a stand out skill.


Showcasing grit in the office is a skill that’s highly valued. In one of our favorite TED Talks, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, Angela Lee Duckworth delivers a message on the importance of having grit. Grit is an essential part of carrying out long-term goals and being able to bounce back from failure.

Time management

Speaking of the digital age, time management is now more important to upper management than ever before. Because distractions are just a click of the mouse away, time management is a skill that’s on everyone’s wish list. If you’re great at organizing your time and managing your day, then you’re golden.


If you’re a perfectionist and you know it clap your hands. Self-awareness is having its moment as a highly coveted skill. Being self-aware in the workplace means you’re mature enough to reflect on your actions and your decisions, good or bad. It’s important to be seen as someone who can easily reflect on a project and objectively look at the outcomes.

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