Learning to seamlessly adjust and recalibrate strategies ensures businesses can thrive amidst uncertainty, creating a resilient and responsive network that stands the test of time.

The production of microelectronics evolves each day, just as manufacturing and transportation networks continue to shift around the globe. Keeping up with the latest technology and supply chain innovations is hard for new graduates, let alone professionals in the field. That’s why ASU Career Catalyst is launching a new program, Designing Anti-Fragile Microelectronics Supply Chains (AFME)

AFME helps professionals understand the fragility of modern supply chains in order to develop anti-fragile strategies and leverage emerging innovations in the microelectronics industry. These skills enable you to navigate the complexities of supply chain management and contribute to the resilience and efficiency of semiconductor supply chains. This program provides practical and applicable skills and strategies for professionals in microelectronic industries seeking to lead value and supply chain initiatives.

Tools to Reinforce Supply Chain Resilience 

Designed by the W.P. Carey School of Business, this program is geared towards managers, engineers, and professionals who focus on operations. Whether you’ve been working with microelectronics and supply chains for years, or you’re just getting started, this program will provide an overview of best practices for value and supply chain functioning. You’ll learn crucial skills to strengthen each aspect of these increasingly long and complex manufacturing processes.  

The program will familiarize managers with decision tools to manage the dynamics of the microelectronics industry. Two recent initiatives are directly aligned with ASU’s AFME program: Arizona’s NEI initiatives and the National Semiconductor Economy Roadmap. Combined together, the development of Arizona as the Silicon desert may be fast approaching. 

Senior Associate Dean of the W.P. Carey School of Business, Raghu Santanam, commented,  “The manufacturing activity in Arizona will create demand for talented managers who are skilled in developing management practices to navigate the hyper-competitive technology market trends.”

Merging Semiconductors and Supply Chains

New ways of efficiently creating semiconductors and managing supply chains are constantly developed. In this environment, a deeper understanding of production and manufacturing isn’t only desirable— it’s a necessity. ASU believes your professional skills should evolve alongside the microelectronics industry. If you’re working as an engineer or production manager in microelectronics, or interested in becoming part of this growing industry, this program is for you. Professionals will gain competency through four courses:

  • Modern Supply Chain Principles 
  • Future Trends in the Semiconductor Industry
  • Global Context of Semiconductor Supply Chains
  • Anti-fragile Supply Chain Design

After these courses you’ll be able to confidently identify factors involved in supply chain variation and cost, gain insights into high-level strategies aimed at enhancing the resilience of semiconductor supply chains, and spot vulnerabilities within the end to end supply chain. The total time commitment for completing the program is approximately sixteen hours. Over the course of each module, you’ll:

  • Develop an understanding of supply chain performance measurement and the inherent fragility of modern supply chains
  • Delve into the global supply chain for semiconductor devices by examining different business models 
  • Identify key considerations of packaging and embedded systems, along with implications for supply chain management
  • Articulate the role of digital twins and analytics/AI in increasing the anti-fragility of a semiconductor supply chain

If you’re looking to contribute to Arizona’s growing microelectronics industry and make Silicon desert a reality, this certificate prepares you to take your career to the next level and stay on top of new advancements. Designing Anti-Fragile Microelectronics Supply Chains is starting enrollment in Fall of 2023 — start your supply chain journey and push the boundaries of semiconductors forward with ASU CareerCatalyst.