New Program: Data analytics and visualization certificate

February 16, 2021 · 2 min read · By ASU CareerCatalyst

Seeking a career in data analytics can be lucrative. Very lucrative. With the right training, you don’t need a master’s or Ph.D. to pursue this new career path; the right data analytics certification is more than enough. Arizona State University’s Data Analytics Certification course offers a wealth of knowledge in business intelligence and data analytics, data engineering, data analytics methods, and data visualization and representation.

What Is Data Analysis?

At its core, data analysis involves the collection, analyzation, and modeling of various data points in order to help mold decision processes in companies, government agencies, universities, and anywhere that data is crucial to growth or effectiveness. Learn about linear regression, logistic regression, machine learning, predictive analytics, and more.

Why Learn Data Analytics and Data Visualization?

In a word: demand. Today, demand for data analysts is far outpacing supply. In other words, organizations large and small, private and public, are seeking qualified, certified data analysts to join their teams and assist them in achieving short and long-term goals for profit, effectiveness, reach, and many other targeted purposes.

What Can You Do with a Data Analytics Certification?

With ASU’s Data Analytics Certification, a broad range of opportunities begin opening for you. While some may require a master’s degree or higher, many will be optimal for getting in on the ground floor and making a marked difference.

Big data engineers, database managers, data modelers, data scientists, etc. are just a brief sampling of the career paths one could pursue with a data analytics certification.

Learn SQL, which is the coding framework necessary for building, managing, and administering databases. What’s the best way to learn SQL? Through a certification program developed and taught by one of the leading educational institutes in the world: Arizona State University.

What’s Offered in ASU’s Data Analytics and Visualization Certificate?

This four-course program covera:

  • Business intelligence and data analytics.

    You will learn the basis of business analytics, why it’s so critical for modern businesses, and begin the process of understanding how to analyze categorical and numeric data.

  • Data engineering.

    This involves interaction with databases using SQL. Become familiar with database structures and learn how to write reporting queries and scripts to properly process the data.

  • Data analytics methods.

    This involves predictive modeling for businesses. Discover how to uncover complex insights, use Python, and describe relationships between multiple variables.

  • Data visualization and representation.

    Take numbers and categories and present them in charts, graphs, and other visual means in order to simplify the complexities of data for a general audience, which are often comprised of business stakeholders.


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