Understand how to leverage quantum technology to advance your organization. 

As a leader you’re expected to have answers or at least know how to find them. What happens when quantum technology becomes part of the mix? Quantum technology is going to take industries by storm and understanding how to utilize this advanced technology and how it can propel your business forward will be a necessity. Quantum technology has economic and geopolitical implications that will impact a wide-range of industries and international relations.

The National Quantum Initiative was signed into law in 2018 and emphasizes the importance of quantum information science and technology, or QIST. This legislation provides the foundation for a monumental undertaking across 23 federal agencies, more than 150 private-sector companies, and 14 dedicated research institutes. Not only is the government putting QIST at the forefront of research, but so are investors who provided $2.35 billion to quantum technology start-ups in 2022. This level of investment across industries in the US has massive economic and national security implications.

So what is quantum technology? In its simplest form it’s a type of science that uses the special properties of very small particles to make advanced tools and devices that can do things regular technology can't. It's used in areas like computers, communication, and security to make things work much better and faster than before.

In fact, research by McKinsey predicts these industries will experience the largest economic impact from QIST in the near future: automotive, chemicals, financial services, and life sciences. Unfortunately, right now the US doesn’t have enough graduates trained in QIST and related fields to meet the demands of this growing field. 

ASU’s CareerCatalyst is helping you stay ahead of the game by launching a new course about Quantum Technology for Executives and Leaders. This program provides an overview of key types of quantum technologies, economic and geopolitical implications, and quantum investments on the horizon. You’ll gain insight into emerging applications of quantum mechanics and their transformative potential to revolutionize technology, industry and international relations. 

Revolutionizing Technology with Industry Experts 

Quantum Technology for Executives and Leaders was developed by the Quantum Collaborative, which is powered by ASU and the state of Arizona to build partnerships between universities, industry partners, and leading QIST. 

The course leverages insights from renowned quantum experts across academia, industry, and government, unlocks the collective wisdom of Dell Technologies, General Dynamics, IBM Quantum, Inside Quantum Technology and the U.S. State Department. Learners begin with an introduction to QIST and the core principles of quantum mechanics. Then they explore a variety of quantum technologies, spanning sensing and metrology, communication, networking, simulation, computing and machine learning.

Executives and leaders need this program to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving field of quantum science and technology. With the growing importance of QIST, executives and leaders must have a solid understanding of quantum fundamentals and discern the conflicting information about quantum capabilities. 

This program provides them with the knowledge and skills to develop a QIST strategy for their company or industry, evaluate and communicate effectively with QIST vendors, and plan for and recruit members of their workforce strategically. As you take the Quantum Technologies for Executives and Leaders course, you’ll learn strategies to source, recruit and retain quantum talent for your organization. You'll study how to create a quantum technology roadmap and organizational standards, and get answers to questions directly from quantum leaders. 

Bringing Quantum Technology to Your Company

ASU believes your professional skills should evolve alongside technological advances. If you’re an executive or leader, leading new innovations at your company, looking for business applications, and incorporating advanced strategies, this program is for you. By completing this program, executives and leaders will be able to make informed decisions and communicate effectively about the impact of QIST on their industry and sector, which can help their organization to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Beyond the technical aspects, the course illuminates the economic, geopolitical and national security ramifications of ongoing QIST research and development. The course also demystifies the complex topics of post-quantum cryptography and encryption, as well as providing business leaders insights into the landscape of quantum investments.

The self-paced curriculum will be presented via written and illustrated modules, video presentations, video scenarios, and case studies. The program will offer interactive learning opportunities, quizzes, and a culminating project to put concepts into practice.The total time commitment for completing the program is approximately twenty five hours. Over the course of five modules, you’ll grasp how to:

    • Lead the incorporation of QIST within your organization and communicate QIST information with credibility to your stakeholders
    • Identify potential applications for quantum and evaluate and communicate effectively with QIST vendors
    • Develop a QIST company roadmap for your organization or industry
    • Communicate how QIST will impact their industry and sector in the years to come
    • Identify strategic and relevant training needs for current workforce.
    • Examine the possibilities and limitations of quantum technologies and understand prospects for the next three to 10 years
    • Evaluate and properly advocate for quantum technologies with their boards and internal teams 
    • Establish contacts with experts from ASU and partner organizations from the Quantum Collaborative (IBM, Dell Technologies and many others) 

Be at the forefront of the rapidly evolving field of quantum science and technology. If your industry is likely to be impacted by quantum technology, this course will prepare you for the future and help you navigate the implementation of this advancement. Quantum Technologies for Executives and Leaders is starting enrollment in Fall of 2023 — Begin your exploration of quantum technologies with an introduction to quantum information science and technology and the basics of quantum mechanics with ASU CareerCatalyst.