ASU CareerCatalyst partnered with a leading athletic brand to deliver a custom program to enhance the digital marketing skill set of its global sales force. This collaboration created a robust curriculum, leveraging interactive learning and esteemed faculty expertise from ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business.

This company is a titan in the global sports industry, with a presence in over 160 countries. Recognizing the digital revolution's impact on consumer behavior, they prioritized the digital fluency of its sales force as a key objective.

The collaboration with ASU CareerCatalyst stems from their strategic initiative to leverage digital advancements to deepen customer engagement and streamline the consumer journey. This partnership is focused on fostering a sales team that is as innovative as the products they represent, armed with the latest digital marketing skills to uphold and enhance the storied reputation of this global powerhouse in delivering unparalleled customer experiences.


This athletic apparel company partnered with ASU’s CareerCatalyst to build a custom sales education program for the entire global sales force, focused on two key outcomes:

  • Provide employees with real-world solutions to accelerate their understanding, management, and optimization of its digital business.

  • Help employees understand which KPIs are most important, why they matter, and how to best utilize the data to make informed business decisions.

Content Development

ASU faculty at the W. P. Carey School of Business collaborated with leaders to create a customized digital marketing curriculum. The virtual curriculum encouraged discussion, working through real-world examples, and collaboration with other members of the sales team. Topics ranged from understanding digital marketing concepts and identifying target customers to enhancing brand strategies and partnering with retailers to connect with customers. 

In order to scale delivery and ease of access, ASU created learning assets directly in CareerCatalyst’s core learning platform, Canvas. ASU utilized its research-backed instructional design practices, leveraging interactive learning objects, readings, videos and self-paced, on-demand training modules to enhance the training with the most relevant and up-to-date digital marketing content.

Scalable Learning

The program's design caters to a global workforce, facilitating seamless scalability and consistent learning experiences across continents through a virtual, synchronous and semi-facilitated curriculum that can be accessed by an SSO portal.

Tailored, Actionable Content

Custom courses were meticulously designed by ASU experts, ensuring content directly applicable to employees’ daily roles and the company's strategic goals.

Strategic Skill Development

Employees enhanced their digital acumen, embracing leadership, storytelling and innovation, which are crucial in today's digital market. Once complete, employees can showcase their credentials with branded company & ASU badges via Badgr. 


At the end of the program's initial deployment, there were 745 learners across six cohorts and two courses. With a 90% pass rate for the first course, this company is already seeing the benefits of a more informed and up-to-date sales force. Participants also prepare their own plans for enhancing current retail and sales strategies using the relevant KPIs. 

The program will expand across the entire sales force to help all employees take an active role in building brand loyalty through digital marketing.

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