Data Analytics and Visualization Certificate


Obtain the skills needed to analyze data in a business environment.


In this four-course certificate program, students will obtain the skills needed to analyze data in a business environment. Each course focuses on a different aspect of analytics.

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Quick facts

  • Length: 40 hours
  • Modality: Self-paced
About the certificate

About the certificate

Each course features interactive videos to help learners understand both the analytical concepts and the software. Each course contains a capstone project, in which learners will apply the concepts taught using a separate data source; this realistic project gives learners the practice and confidence necessary to connect, explore, and analyze data sources into the future.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics - learn the basics of business analytics using Excel. First by learning all about business analytics, including the importance of the role of obtaining crucial information for the organization. Then, learners begin working on a dataset in Excel, and learn essential tasks such as sorting and filtering the data to learn more about the business. Finally, learn how to analyze both categorical and numeric data: for categorical data, learn how to aggregate data using Excel's Pivot Table feature; for numeric data, learn the basics of analyzing distributions using statistics and common visualizations such as histograms and boxplots. By the end of the course, learners will have hands-on practice in preparing data for analysis and thoroughly analyzing a dataset using descriptive analytic techniques.

Data Engineering - learn how to interact with databases using SQL. By first learning how important databases are to acquiring and storing data. Learners can then become familiar with the common database structure, the star schema, and learn...

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